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Is Madeira island best in the world for Covid testing of visitors?

Oct 20, 2020 3:19:26 PM / by Eric Bordier

30 minutes from landing and we got out with a free PCR test. One day later, we could fully enjoy the island. 

I wrote months ago that tourist destinations should shift from medieval solutions, likes bans or quarantine to testing to get the benefits of tourism without the thorns. 

Well, Madeira did it from July 1rst, 2020...and we just tested it. The short photo report below shows how. Many of us will wish destinations like Hawaii would catch up...


Oh the (lost) joys of flying to a new destination...



Especially to visit our clients and friends at  on the beautiful Island of Madeira  (Quote:

"I don't like good weather"

- Nobody)

From this runway to outside, it took us 30 minutes to get out- luggage claim and Covid test included.



We even took the time to pause...(yeah, business or not, travel with millenials is what it is :-D)



Then came the moment to choose...the blue pill or the green pill.



Green pill: you did your PCR Covid test within 72 hours before your pill, you did not, so you get a free test. For those who believe there is nothing like free tests, revise!




Oh I forgot to mention...before take off, we filled in online Madeira safe questionnaire...try it it is easy and user friendly.



So we had the QR code to show for the blue line. We got free bananas and water...



A charming lady checked our contact details...



And gave us our lottery tickets:





Off we went into the booth. We won't show you the next penetration scene because of GDPR, but the good news are it took only a minute :-) You know the drill, anyway...

And off we went to quarantine in our vacation rental, respecting masks and social distancing on the way





Quarantine is quite bearable with a good view  (to get the same one, click here ;-) 



And a good connection;




So we could work nicely and efficiently- no time wasted :-)



And the results came in within 15 hours: we won the lottery!


 Thus validating our ticket to good weather and beautiful sights (and yield management for profit, but that is another story ;-))






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Eric Bordier

Written by Eric Bordier